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Tuban, Jawa Timur
Dibuka: 04 September 2012 - 1 tahun yang lalu

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memberikan persyaratan, ketentuan dan spesifikasi pekerjaan sebagai Lowongan Kerja SAFETY OFFICER at PT TRANS-PACIFIC PETROCHEMICAL INDOTAMA yang akan ditempatkan di Tuban, Jawa Timur.

Dibawah ini rincian lengkap persyaratan, spesifikasi lowongan pekerjaan, jadual wawancara dan alamat serta kontak (email / nomor telepon) perusahaan . Untuk mengirimkan lamaran, klik pada tombol 'Kirim Lamaran Sekarang' dibawah.

Spesifikasi dan Persyaratan Pelamar Pekerjaan

Lowongan Kerja PT TRANS-PACIFIC PETROCHEMICAL INDOTAMA, a petrochemical company with a refine plant in Tuban, East Java ; current seeking for following positions:


1. MECHANICAL ENGINEER (E-mail Subject Code: MEN/12)-2 vacancies

  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering; 1st vacancy: Male: Max. age 40 yo; Min. 10 yrs relevant exp; 2nd vacancy Male; Max. age 25 yo; Fresh Graduates; min GPA 3.00.
  • Good understanding in Gas Turbines (GE Frame 5) centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, pumps, HE and other static equipment, and Condition Monitoring Techniques.
  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering; Male; Min. 10 yrs exp in reliability aspects and maintenance, rotating equipment, compressors, turbines and pumps.
  • Analytical capabilities including problem solving, troubleshooting capability and knowledge of QA/QC
  • Good understanding in Reliability Integrity processes and tools i.e. RCM, Defect Elimination, RC A, and Pareto; and Condition Monitoring Techniques.
3. METALLURGIST (E-mail Subject Code: MET/12)
  • Bachelor Degree from reputable university majoring in Metallurgy, Chemical or Materials Engineering; Min. 10 yrs exp in chemical/petrochemical plant/refinery.
  • Experience in handling corrosion control and monitoring and other damage mechanism related to metallurgical change in chemical/petrochemical plant/refinery, involving in Material Selection will be preferably
  • Familiar with Industrial Standard and Code (ASME, ASTM, NACE, API), and process plant equipment.
4. ACCS & CRCS SPECIALIST (E-mail Subject Code: ACS/12)
  • Bachelor Degree in Electronic/ Chemical Engineering; Min. 5 yrs exp in Adsorbent Chamber Control System (ACCS) and Catalyst Regeneration Control System (CRCS).
  • Good understanding in UOP Technology and Control System.
5. LOSS PREVENTION SPECIALIST (E-mail Subject Code: LOS/12) •
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering; Min. 5 yrs exp in Loss Prevention
  • Good understanding in process design safety, material technology (metallurgy).
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering; Min. 5 yrs exp in Aromatic Process.
  • Good understanding in Aromatic Description, and catalyst used including Sulfolane, Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Fractionation, Parex. Isomer. Tatoray units performance review including catalyst, unit troubleshooting, energy monitoring and optimization.
  • Experience in Aromatic units debottlenecking studies, execution of revamps and expansion projects will be preferred.
7. CTG SPECIALIST (E-mail Subject Code: CTG/12)
  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical / Instrument / Chemical / Mechanical Engineering; Min. 5 yrs exp in handling CTG
  • Good understanding in Gas Turbine, Speedtronic Control System (Mark), Generator, Combustion.
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering; Min. 5 yrs exp in Platformer Process.
  • Good understanding in Platformer description, including Platformer new technology Cyclemax.
9. BLENDING SPECIALIST (E-mail Subject Code: BLS/12)
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering: Min. 5 yrs exp as Blending specialist.
  • Good understanding in fuel & chemical blending.
10. TURBO MACHINERY (E-mail Subject Code: TRB/12)
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering; Min. 5 yrs exp in Turbo Machinery.
  • Good understanding in Compressor (Centrifugal, screw and reciprocatng), Turbine (steam, gas), Pump.
11. PORT MASTER (E-mail Subject Code: POM/12)
  • Bachelor Degree in Nautical; Mm. 5 yrs exp as Port Master: Holding ISPS and SDM Pelabuhan certificates.
  • Good understanding in Port Operation 8 administration, ISPS, oil spill and port regulation.
12. FIRE OFFICER (E-mail Subject Code: FIR/12)
  • Any Bachelor or Diploma (D3) Degree with Industrial Fire Fighting Certificate: Max age: 35 yo; Min. 5 yrs exp as Fire Officer with specific skill/experience in handling emergency response.
  • Good understanding in fire prevention, certified training for Industrial Fire Fighting and Fire Ground and Rescue Training.
  • Familiar with and have driver license for FIRE TRUCK Operation.
13. SAFETY OFFICER (E-mail Subject Code: SAO/12)
  • Bachelor Degree or Diploma (D3) in Engineering; Health & Safety-K 3 program or Chemical Engineering; Max. age: 35 yo; Min. 5 yrs exp as Safety Officer.
  • Good understanding in Industrial Safety, government regulation safety & occupational health; Familiar with Health & Safety and system certification.
14. OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN (E-mail Subject Code: TECH/12)
  • Diploma (D3) in Chemical Engineering; Male, max age 25 years old, (Fresh graduate are welcome), Min GPA 3.00
15. LABORATORIUM TECHNICIAN (E-mail Subject Code: LAT/12)
  • Diploma (D3) in Analytical Chemistry; Male/Female: Max, age: 25 yo; Fresh Graduates; Min. GPA 3.00.
16. HUMAN RESOURCE SUPERVISOR (E-mail Subject Code: HRD/12)
  • Bachelor Degree in Law / Psychology/ Management / Human Resources.
  • Male, Max. age: 35 yo; Min. 5 yrs exp in HR (Recruitment, Training, Payroll, & Administration).
  • Familiar with statistical analysis.
  • Good understanding in Indonesian Law on Manpower and its implementation.
  • Competent to deal with employees and other parties (Disnaker, other companies, etc.)
GENERAL REQUIREMENT Applicants with work experience in Petrochemical, Oil and Gas or other related heavy industries are preferred. Fluent in English both written and oral Able to operate computer application (MS Office. etc.), willing to be posted in Tuban East Java.

Please submit your latest complete application (max file size 200 KB) to:


Please write only the code in your email subject! We regret that only short-listed applicants will be norufied

Valid until: ---.


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